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City slay queen Kim London jams social media as parades her ‘sumbie’ online, she made herself feel good (Watch here)

Kim London! Ugandans have of late be oke so accustomed to seeing modern glamour girls leak their own n£des that it is barely surprising anymore.

Having said that, another city top slayer has suffered the embarrassment of seeing her n£des and videos leak.

It is believed that her Snapchat and Twitter accounts were hacked and the Videos were posted thereon. However, the poor Kim was so quick to alert her followers to understand and not judge her but it was so late that the videos were already all over the place.

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In the clips, the sexy belle is seen dancing herself lame naked in the shower as she massages her central territories.

This comes just days after renowned socialite and former model Judith Heard saw her n£des being leaked again on social media after her Twitter was hacked.

Twitter would thereafter block her account to stop the further spread of the video here and here.

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