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Meet Alia P, the Ugandan born songstress making headlines in Netherlands

It’s been three years and counting since Alia P, real name Alia Phiona started venturing into commercial music and, despite the ups and downs have been on a constant upward spiral lately.

 The singer has against all odds become a formidable force to reckon with on the Ugandan music scene despite being based miles away from her homeland.

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Born and raised in Central Uganda, Alia has found an income home in the overseas nation of the Netherlands and has turned it into her musical base to give Ugandan songstresses a run for their money. 

Alia P

The singer and philanthropist has been in the music game since 2018 and has since then belted out hit songs that motivate, inspire and soothe souls. Alia is also involved in charity and her organisation MANSI. NL.

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The singer is happily married and says she has no problems so far juggling marriage chores and her music trade.

Alia P

Through her music journey,  she has released songs such as “Meanwhile“, “Holiday“, “Gwe Wankema“, “Njagala Gwe” , “Voom Voom” among others.

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She recently launched a campaign to reward fans who listen, enjoy her music with school fees, cash, and other goodies.

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