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Home Entertainment Dr. Stella Nyanzi parades her ‘sumbie’ online (PHOTOS)

Dr. Stella Nyanzi parades her ‘sumbie’ online (PHOTOS)

In German, there is a culture called Freikörperkultur which means Free Body Culture (FKK) when translated in English, where people move freely unclad. 

Women, men and children of all ages in different places freely go sunbathing, swimming among other activities completely dress off.

Going n-du is very normal in the Germany. Unlike in some states where it is absurd for children to watch adults n- ked, in German many people have seen their parents n- aked on many occasions. 

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Now Uganda’s activist and Professor Dr Stellah Nyanzi who is known for her use of vulgar language got an opportunity to visit the country and participate in the traditional culture.

Through her socials, Mrs Nyanzi has said that she visited a n- de beach at Hiddensee a car-free island in the Baltic sea where she had fun watching people go about their business while completely n-  ked. 

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“Yesterday, I ticked an entry that has been on my bucket list for many years. I went to a nude beach at Hiddensee. It was very liberating for me to participate in naturalism. My conservative idea about the naked human body quickly evaporated into thin air.” She wrote. 

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“Different people of all ages, colours, shapes and genders are naked together on the beach and there is no police running to catch them. It is interesting how nudity is not sexual or sexualized here,” She wrote further.