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“They will replace you with another man” – Madrat and Chiko respond to Rabadaba

Singer Rabadaba real name Faisal Seguya lost his cool and attacked critics who accused him of being too broke to Fund his recently concluded introduction ceremony with wife Maggie Kaweesi. 

Rabadaba attacked the critics including motormouthed comedians Madrat and Chiko calling them fools who only make a living from stupid jobs (comedy). He advised them to get real jobs or else keep poor.

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The singer added that they come from poor families whose members do not even own a plot of land in Kampala but are attacking him who is coming from a rich family. 

However, the comedy duo have responded saying that even though their families failed to buy land in Kampala, they managed to buy it for themselves. 

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“Our families do not have land in Kampala but for us we have. I have a land title which has my name Lubega Frank.” Madrat said. 

Madrat and Chiko also believe that Rabadaba’s bragging that he is well educated with a degree in Information and technology is an embarrassment because a number of artists who didn’t go to school are doing better than him. 

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“People who didn’t go to school have better things than him. He has been in the industry for so long but has nothing” they fired back

They have advised him to reduce on his anger if he is to manage marriage.

“He should manage his anger otherwise they will replace him with another man,” Madrat and Chiko.