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Home Entertainment Bad Black, boyfriend Asha in Zanzibar for a mega wedding

Bad Black, boyfriend Asha in Zanzibar for a mega wedding

Renowned sumbie vendor Bad Black made it clear that she wants her wedding with fiancé Asha Panda to take place this year in Zanzibar in the company of her very close friends and family. 

Black said that she has been to many places in Uganda hence a need to have a new place for her wedding. 

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“I won’t hold the event in Uganda because I’ve traveled Uganda enough so I am taking it to Zanzibar. It’s a private wedding that won’t have just anybody,” Bad Black said.

The self-proclaimed “Masolo Queen” said that Zanzibar has very beautiful sceneries which will make good memories for her big day. 

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“Zanzibar has nice places. It’s an island with nice views that make memories and love is about such memories,” Black added. 

Black however did not reveal the exact dates for her anticipated wedding ceremony. 

However, according to her recent posts, she could walk down the aisle very soon as she travelled to her favourite venue Zanzibar with her son Jesse and fiance. 

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The couple left for Zanzibar over the weekend and has been sharing beautiful moments together at hotel Verde in Zanzibar.  Black and Asha have been together for over two years.