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Home Entertainment Rabadaba attacks Full Figure, Madrat and Chiko over AK47’s Widow Maggie

Rabadaba attacks Full Figure, Madrat and Chiko over AK47’s Widow Maggie

After faded Faizol Sseguya aka Rabadaba’s introduction with girlfriend and late singer AK47’s Widow, Maggie Kawesi many Ugandans including comedian duo Madrat and Chiko and motormouthed Full Figure claimed that the introduction was funded by his wife. 

The claims did not sit well with the singer who has blasted them saying that they are nothing compared to him.

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“Who is Fullfigure? She’s nothing, she’s illiterate, never went to school and since when did her opinion matters? She’s even ugly and I feel sorry for men who sleep on her. You can’t sit on the same table with me, I have a bachelor’s degree in information and technology and I have alot of businesses in Kampala, you can’t even construct a sentence. I’m not the same class as you,none of your family members has a plot of land in Kampala. Keep my family and wife out of your mouth you fool.” He said during an interview with local TV. 

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The “Mukyamu” hit maker said that Madrat and Chiko are poor fools who earn a living from poking their noses into other people’s businesses. 

He added that people’s accusations about his wife funding their introduction are wrong because he is a rich man who has lived in the UK before narrating that he has also been staying in Muyenga for seven years. 

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