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“Forgive those announcing me dead, if they want to eat my body, let them wait until God decides” – Evelyn Lagu

Ill singer cum actress Evelyn Lagu born Evelyn Nakabira has cursed Ugandans that always announce her dead. 

This follows speculations on social media that the “Mbulira” singer died from Turkey.

“I don’t know where all those people announcing me dead get the news. But may God forgive them. I don’t where you get that fake news. I promise you when God calls me, my dead body will be bright back to Uganda and it will be available for those who want to eat it,” Angry Lagu ranted.

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Lagu is still in Turkey where she is currently receiving treatment after her kidney transplant failed.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been rumoured dead. However Boom.ug understands that the singer is alive though weak.

Watch the video below:

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