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Grieving Radio star Taata Sam collapses at mum’s funeral (Video)

Grief, pain and misery is surrounding comedian and Radio star Sunday Robert aka Taata Sam’s family after lose of his beloved mother Catherine.

Taata Sam’s mother was on Monday, June 21, buried to her permanent house. However, the comedian fainted during the send off ceremony as he couldn’t take in the too pain of seeing his mother going for good.

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The incident happened while he was standing next to the grave sending off his mother.

Taata Sam was in too much misery that he couldn’t control himself but lose it and faint.

He was carried away from the grave and given first aid by mourners. Minutes later, his life went back to normal, however as soon as he start walking around, he bursted into tears.

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His wife Brown Shuga and fellow comedian Ssenga Sebanga where in position to comfort and gave him shoulders to learn on. Video for you to watch here; credit Bukedde TV.