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Home Entertainment Here is why Museveni’s goon Sipapa was arrested

Here is why Museveni’s goon Sipapa was arrested

City socialite Sipapa born Charles Olim’s problems never end. The socialite has been arrested again and is being held at SIU Kireka Prison. 

It is alleged that he was arrested during the course of the week together with his friends from a hotel in Makindye. They were later forced into a waiting car and taken to an unkown destination.

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He was later found by his lawyer and wife Shamirah at Kiira Road  Police station hours later. 

According to one of the socialite’s close friend, Police carried out a research at his home and later took him to Makindye Military barracks where he spent days before being transferred to Kireka SIU.

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It is still not clear why Sipapa was arrested however some reports show that he was in possession of illegal fire arms. 

The socialite has been arrested on many occasions, In 2018 he was arrested a number of times over insensitive use of motor vehicle, defrauding landlord after staying in his house for over three months without pay and another time for assaulting Spark TV Journalist Alex Bongole for taking pictures of him when he was being evacuated from his house after failing to pay rent. 

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Sipapa was also once arrested for violating traffic rules.

In 2020, the socialite was also arrested for going against president Museveni’s Covid-19 directives.