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Home Entertainment Bobi Wine is the reason bars are still closed – Pia Pounds

Bobi Wine is the reason bars are still closed – Pia Pounds

Bobi Wine is the reason bars are still closed - Pia Pounds

Dancehall singer Tracy Kirabo commonly known as Pia Pounds has today said that the continued banning of music concerts, bars, and other happening places by the government under Covid 19 guidelines is somehow due to singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s involvement in politics particularly the last concluded presidential elections where he was a candidate.  

In her birthday message to Bobi Wine, Pia stressed that 80{a6adf960b9dc55bb3e49ff07c82daa20469ae533cf096e1b9d27878361bb9db5} of artists in Uganda have rallied behind Bobi Wine’s political cause hence the government deciding to punish them all. 

Pia however says that even though the ban has put them through suffering, they will still support Bobi Wine because he has opened their eyes adding that they are suffering now but will enjoy tomorrow when Bobi finally becomes president. 

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“80{a6adf960b9dc55bb3e49ff07c82daa20469ae533cf096e1b9d27878361bb9db5} of us artistes have shown we are behind Bobi Wine and Believe in his gospel of democracy. Some of us have been his fans since we were kids…blame us slow. And it’s for this reason why bars aren’t about to be open, or bivulu for us to work.

Most of us artistes are suffering naye twegumya, we haven’t worked for a year now brooooo. We want to tell our FANS that tuli bagumu nyo, Omussajja FADHA..we are hopeful, suffer now smile later naye no hiding our faces from the truth which is: everybody was created equal, everybody deserves fair and rightful treatment: everybody deserves a chance: everybody can be anyone.

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Happy birthday Principle. Tuli bagumu nyo” Pia wrote on her social media platforms. 

In March 2020, president Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni launched a nationwide lockdown which saw mass gatherings, bars, clubs, music concerts banned as a way of controlling the spread of Coronavirus. 

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Months later some of the lockdown measures were lifted for example public transport. 

Bars, Clubs, mass gatherings, music concerts and others are still banned. This has caused suffering in the arts and music industry. 

Many Artists have come out to plead with the government to lift the ban saying that measures will be put down to control the spread of the virus in happening places but their cries have laid on deaf ears. 

Museveni recently stated that the ban will only be lifted after a vaccine is finally available in the country.