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It must be in billions! – Zahara Totto determines her own bride price

Ugandan socialite and TV presenter Zahara Totto has always been known to be showy, with a lot of self esteem, and a woman that prefers to cherish her looks beyond anything.

She has also been known to be a high maintenance woman who prefers her dream man to be able to invest millions in her looks. 

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It is now a public secret that Zahara, in search of a high life has more often than not, dated rich city men and has hopped from one relationship to another with selfless abandon. The mother of four however seems to be set on fishing one true long time lover.  

“I am beautiful, pretty, with a smooth face and skin,” – Zahara.

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She however set tough conditions for any man that wants to get into her pants, saying her man must pay billions in bride price and must be filthy rich. She revealed that considering her ethereal beauty and heavenly looks, she can’t end up being a wife to a loser without money.  

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“I am worth billions. Actually, my mahare (Bride price) is supposed to be in billions; sh10b to be precise. Men who would want to marry me should first look at the person they are taking home. I am gold. Those who do not have that money shouldn’t bother,” opened up Zahara.