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Sheilah Gashumba lands new TV job

Socialite and former ‘NTV the Beat’ show host Sheilah Gashumba is in jubilations after landing a new show on South African television. 

The socialite who travelled to the country weeks ago has finally revealed the good news to her followers. 

“Filming daily from 6am to 10pm with a South African production company, Can’t wait for you guys to find out what TV show we are working on,” She has said. 

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Sheilah started presenting on TV at a very young age at WBS TV where she was presenting a show dubbed “Kids corner” and later Teenz Club show. 

When WBS closed, the socialite joined NTV Uganda where she was hosting “T nation” before she was replaced by Crysto Panda. She was given a slot on ‘NTV the Beat’ as well as NTV Style Project.

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Sheilah later resigned from NTV Uganda.

Months after her resignation, she revealed why she left NTV saying that she was being paid peanuts.

Before her new job in South Africa, Sheila had turned content creator on YouTube and Facebook.