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‘Muwunya boys’ lands mega deal

Sensational R&B singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K has indeed rubbed tears off the four young men “The Real Dance crew” who were bullied by “Yolesa Ekitone” talent show judge Alex Mukulu.

Bruno opened his heart out to take over the managerial role of ‘The Real Dance Crew’ to take away the embarrassing reception they received during the talent show out of their mind. He made them celebrities and scooped some big deals for them.

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After giving the young boys the life of their dreams, the “One for the road” singer seems to be still dedicated to giving the popular “Muwunya boys” a better future after he secured them scholarships at Kasangati High school.

According to Bruno K, the boys have been awarded 100{a6adf960b9dc55bb3e49ff07c82daa20469ae533cf096e1b9d27878361bb9db5} scholarships to study until they finish their senior six.

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“I want to thank Hon Simbwa Director of Kasangati high school for granting my brothers 100{a6adf960b9dc55bb3e49ff07c82daa20469ae533cf096e1b9d27878361bb9db5} scholarship till form 6.

“The man with a kind heart agreed to take them on until senior 6. Thank you so much Mr. Simbwa, the country needs more people like you,” Bruno K revealed.

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Bruno says that he can now rest knowing that his boys will study without facing any fees challenges until form six.