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Home Entertainment Angella Katatumba reveals why she doesn’t use protectors

Angella Katatumba reveals why she doesn’t use protectors

“Men bonk to make me pregnant because I'm from rich family” – Angella Katatumba claims

Motormouthed singer Angella Katatumba is known for speaking her thoughts out without fear for judgments. 

During an interview on a local TV, Angella revealed why she’s not interested in using c0nd*ms while making love to men she bonks with.

The “Tonelabila” hitmaker disclosed that she fears using them because it’s possible for a man to trick and tear the c0nd*m which can leave her pregnant or infected with HIV. 

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“I don’t like using condoms because some men will tear the condom or remove it without your knowledge,” She opened up.

Angella explained further that men have a tendency of wanting to make her pregnant because of her riches.

“Men always want to make me pregnant because I’m from Katatumba family. We are rich, I know those tricks and I cannot fall for them,” Angella revealed.

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