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Home Celebrity Gossip Flavia Tumusiime reveals why she quit NTV

Flavia Tumusiime reveals why she quit NTV

Flavia Tumusiime reveals why she quit NTV
Flavia Tumusiime

Capital FM’s AM-PM presenter Flavia Tumusiime announced her departure from the Serena-based television on May 17, after over five years of service in the NTV newsroom.

The romour had it that she was poached by NTV Uganda’s close competitor NBS television, however, according to Flavia, she has no plans of becoming a news anchor again. 

During an interview with Boom.ug, the beautiful media personality has revealed that News anchoring had never been her choice. She has disclosed that she had never had plans of becoming one until when NTV contacted her in 2015 and told her that she can be a good anchor hence giving her the opportunity which she accepted to take on. 

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“It wasn’t a path I had chosen for myself. It wasn’t a path I had written for myself. It was something that somebody saw in me,” Flavia has disclosed. 

Flavia has revealed further that she had many expectations after joining NTV but was disappointed that the environment was very different from what she had expected. 

“I was coming from entertainment and lifestyle where things were faster but here everything was slow,” She has said. 

Additionally, she says that the disappointment pushed her into the need to quit which she says she thought about for a year but failed to act because of viewers who kept sending her appreciation messages. 

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“I think alot of what kept me going was the viewers, they could sometimes write to you and say, I like what you are doing , do this, improve here, improve there and then I started doing the role not even for myself but for the viewer, ” Flavia has stressed. 

After thinking about quitting for a full year, Flavia finally realised that she had to act and do something she truly loves to do and according to her, the newsroom wasn’t giving it to her.

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“I felt I was supposed to be in a space of talk shows, I was supposed to be in a space for women empowerment, moderating panels, speaking on policy and gender issues and that was not going to be in the newsroom.” Flavia narrates. 

She has however advised people not to quit for the sake of it while they are not secure. 

“If you are going to quit your job, be very secure financially,” – She has advised.