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“I’m on good terms with my baby daddy, I love my mother,” Spark TV’s Precious Remmy responds to critics (VIDEO)

Spark Television’s motormouthed gossiper Nakitto Rehema aka Precious Remmy is a woman whose love for her mother is unchallenged.

The single mother of one is working day and night to keep a smile on her mother’s face.

However, after taking her mother out for a vacation in the UAE’s city of Dubai, the TV star was bitterly attacked by critics who said she is still poor but spending like she is a millionaire.

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While responding to the criticism, Remmy bragged that she is living a smooth life and has a right to do what she wants.

The “Live Wire” show host also explained in a video that she has gone through so much suffering to take care of her mother because she lost both her parents making her (Remmy) the only person she has in life.

“I have literally gone through every step pain. Nze ndabye enaku,  mubuli kimu, sivude jenvude nenfuuka kyendi. I have hustled my life out. I have really tried. I love my mother because she nolonger has a mother, she nolonger has a father, I’m the only one she has, meaning that even you who is out there if you have your mother or father who nolonger have their parents, what have you done to make them proud?” She revealed. 

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The TV star also responded to the haters who alleged that her baby daddy left her because of her poor way of managing money.

“I am in good terms with my baby daddy, and she is talking care of his son.” Mother of one disclosed to critics. 

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Watch video below;