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“Why don’t you leave me alone!” – Spice Diana fires back at Sheebah’s empire

Ugandan singers Namukwaya Hajara Diana alias Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi undeniably have many fans each, it is almost impossible to know who has a stronger fan base now as they have both kept their brands growing at a very high rate. 

With no doubt, Sheebah was Uganda’s most stylish female artist and she won many awards for that, however, Spice came and slightly took over. The two women now compete for the same audience.

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The competition has pushed their fans to attack each other through social media which has attracted the “Kokonyo” singer’s attention to intervene in the fans’ bitter war.

For starters, Sheebah’s diehards took to their different social media platforms and trashed Zzina awards organizers for awarding Spice Diana the Female Artist of the Year. Sheebaholics claimed that their artist (Sheebah) is better than Spice and she deserved to be awarded the Female Artiste of the Year.

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Shebaholics concluded saying Zzinna awards organizers are purely corrupt. 

Since then, Sheebah’s fans have continuously attacked Spice Diana on her posts where they normally hurl insults at her in her post comment sections. 

The bitter attacks have prompted Spice to come out to blast fans of her immediate competitor revealing that nothing wrong she has ever done to them so they should leave her alone and stop harassing her when she’s innocent. 

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“For sure Sheebaholics mulekere awo okunvuma nokumpemula ku account yange. Silina kyenali mbakoze. Mukisusiza.” she has warned through her socials.