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Former WBS TV star Straka bounces back in style on Own TV

Straka beibe back on TV as Straka TV presenter

After she was sacked from WBS TV where she was working as the ‘Late Show’ host, Legendary star Straka Mwezi alias Straka Baby went off the TV and off the entertainment scene.

The romour of her struggling financially started flooding the internet. She however went awol about the allegations because she had a big dream which she was working hard to fulfill, and she is finally here with her own Television.

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As young and entertaining as ever, Straka has made a come back with a Facebook online TV of her own dubbed ‘Straka TV’. She has started advertising her channel where she will be presenting an entertainment show every Friday evening starting May 14, 2021.

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Straka during her time at WBS TV

Her fans are excited to learn that after all the years she has been off, she still looks young and beautiful as before.

A video clip of the legend has already started making rounds on social media where many are promising to forego all other TV shows to watch her show because of her energy and presentation style. 

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Straka is one of the few Ugandan show hosts who has inspired a number of current TV hosts including Miles Rwamiti. 

Her energy is unmatched and her fashion style is always very unique. During the period when she was working at WBS, Straka was always the talk of the Town.

Watch here;