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Why Ykee Benda Resigned as UMA Boss?

Singer and Uganda Musicians Association – UMA president Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda has at long last concurred with various pundits who believe he isn’t the opportune person for the president position. Ykee admitted that the industry needs another person.

Via his social media pages, Ykee officially revealed that he is granting his peoples’ wish and stepping down as president of the association.

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“OFFICIAL; I will be stepping down soon as President of UMA as I will communicate through my PR. After 3 months of deep thought and advise from the people I trust. They need someone else,” Ykee said. 

Many artists have however attributed Ykee’s resignation to his busy schedule which doesn’t allow him to have enough time to fully concentrate on his leadership roles. 

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Analysts say, upon his appointment fellow artists did accept his leadership and were not in a position to help me during his regime which constrained him to resign. Amidst criticism, the “Singa” singer was elected president in 2020 after having been in the same position as acting president ever since Legendary singer Sophie Gombya stepped down to join active politics. 

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