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Crysto Panda still grieves one year after daughter’s death

Whether this is honest mourning or showbiz stunt doesn’t matter now. What matters is that rapper Crysto panda is not having a happy birthday. He is having one of sorrow and reminisce. This is because it is now a year ever since the NTV Uganda presenter lost his baby named Aylin Danah Panda. 

Crysto Panda, real name Kityamuweesi Herbert was born on the same day as his daughter, only for his daughter to pass on shortly after birth.

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Since the day Aylin breathed her last, things have never been the same with the Presenter and he has not stopped lamenting on social media about the amount of loss and pain he holds in his heart.

 He has written a lengthy message to celebrate  his birthday and to mourn his daughter; again. 

“I must admit this will forever be the worst and best day of my life, because I am sad, crying and happy at the same time. Continue resting in peace my girl and me sharing a birthday with you was and will forever be a blessing in my life but too bad you left me sooooo soon. You could be making one year now with me adding on another year two. You just don’t know how excited when your auntie Tafle texted me about your being born. Best moment of my life. I will never forget that moment anyway. God took you from us but we miss you so much, say hi to Mum and dad tell them I miss them too……” Part of Panda’s message to her daughter reads. 

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To be honest, we don’t know whether to congratulate him upon his new age or to console him for the loss.