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Evelyn Lagu’s kidney transplant hangs in balance after this shock

Singer and actress Evelyn Nakabira popularly known as Evelyn Lagu has revealed that she has to switch to a country where she has to go for her kidney transplant.  

Lagu says, she is to change her first planned journey to India for Turkey to go ahead with her kidney transplant. This according to her is due to the emergency of the new COVID-19 lockdown in India which has forced countries to suspend all flights in the country. 

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Lagu hasn’t collected enough money to facilitate her travel

Additionally, Lagu says that medical fees for Turkey are fair compared to the amount that was requested in India. She also explains that she hasn’t collected enough money to facilitate her travel. 

“What I am going to do now is to switch countries i may go to Turkey because I have nothing else to do and also I needed much money for India which is not the case with Turkey. But remember I also don’t have the required money yet but I have to get going because the more we delay the more things worsen” she said while appearing on a local TV station. 

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The singer is battling with a kidney problem. She is set to have a kidney transplant however money is still a challenge. Fundraising campaigns have been made for her to collect the funds but she says it is still not enough. 

The overall required amount is UGX 250 millions.

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