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“I can’t marry an orphan” – NTV’s Andrew Kyamagero claims

Kyamagero emphasized that his father explained to him the dangers of marrying orphans.

Popular television news anchor Andrew Kyamagero is a known darling to many viewers but he has now come out to make utterances that have left his fans and followers both worried and puzzled.

While appearing on a local YouTube channel, the NTV Uganda news anchor who prefers to call himself “Omuntu wawansi” disclosed that he can never marry an orphan, a piece of advice from his father that he claims he holds so dearly. Kyamagero emphasized that his father explained to him the dangers of marrying orphans.

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“Nze nakula nkimanyi nti silina kuwasa mulekwa. My Mzeei explained nti never marry an orphan at least omuwala abeele ne bazade be oba baavu naye nga jebali,” He stated. 

According to his father’s advice, Orphans have emotional burdens which put their husbands in difficult situations and sometimes lead to family breakups.

“You are going to have to pay for their emotional burdens. Omuntu nga orphan bwonanga naye nemugamba nti I’m taking these things to my parents for Christmas, atandika okubeela ne emotional distress and starts saying that ” if mine were still alive, I would have taken things for them too”. Baba nentondo ezitagambika,” said Kyamagero.

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Additionally, he says that marrying an orphan limits one’s financial success since they are so much attached to their guardians and always want to pay them back for their kindness, an act that affects a man’s wallet.

“As a couple, you can’t build up so fast because she has to compensate all the people that looked after her when her parents died. That makes my pockets suffer ….” He explained further.

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Many have however come out to castigate Kyamagero for assuming that being an orphan is a choice or a crime. many claim his interview is misguided and likely to tempt many aspiring partners from marrying orphans, which will likely bring out stigmatization.

Andrew Kyamagero is happily married to Linda Ndagire and together they are blessed with an adorable children