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Teenage dancers humiliated by ‘Yolesa Ekitone’ judge Alex Mukulu finally meet ‘hero’ Bruno K

Bruno K meets teenage dances who were humiliated by Alex Mukulu

Boom.ug earlier reported that singer Bruno Kigundo also known as Bruno K pledged to help teenage dancers who were sharply embarrassed by talent search judge Alex Mukulu live on TV during “Yolesa Ekitone”.

Bruno through his social media pages posted calling upon people who knew the boys to connect them to him so that he can help them fulfill their dreams. He vowed to pay and utilize them in his next music video.

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For God’s grace, news coming on to Boom.ug indicates that the “Ntwaala” singer has at last met the teenage dancers.

“My Boys are finally here. This is going to be the beginning of a new age of these lads.” – Bruno Posted.

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According to the singer, the dancers were also gifted with perfumes by well wisher to help them improve their hygiene.

“Thank you so much my people some body sent the boys William walker perfumes.” – Singer posted

Teenage dancers after receiving perfumes.

In the video that went viral online, dancers who came to showcase their talent were left in stun when the adjudicator said their smell couldn’t permit him to watch their dance moves. He advised them to quickly vanish from the performing stage since he was unable to take their smell.

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The embarrassments got to netizens’ consideration that dispatched an assault on him calling him so amateurish to be on the judge’s table.