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Hajjati Madina speaks out after switching back to Islam from Christianity

Hajjati Madina Kansiime has switched back to Islamic religion from Christianity. The former Revival Band singer had dumped Islam to Christianity to join the Late Pastor Yiga’s Revival Christian Church Kawaala.

During an Interview with Boom.ug, Madinah revealed that she decided to go back to the Islamic religion to bridge the gap between her and the family.

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“Ever since i dumped Islam to Christianity, there was a gap between me and my family. So am converting back to Islam to bridge the gap,” – Madina revealed to Boom.ug.

Hajjati Madina Kansiime at Kayanja’s Church.

The faded singer who was at Robert Kayanja’s church in Kampala for 77Days of Glory surprisingly changed her mind and left the revival meeting to run back to her childhood religion.

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“I wasn’t influenced by my dad to return to the Islamic religion and I was not targeting financial support or sympathy from the church. I was there to be saved. However, i have decided to return to my religion” – Hajjati Madinah opened up.

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Madina denounced Islam and gave her life to Christ in June 2019, and also successfully completed her studies in discipleship.

Source: BOOM UG