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Cindy chocking on debts from influencers who advertised her mega concert

Social media influencers have showed their disappointment in singer Sanyu Cinderella aka Cindy after she failed to pay them for advertising her ‘Boom party’ music concert which took place in March 2020. They revealed to Boom Gossip claiming they have been demanding for their money for 11 months. 

According to one Twitter influencer identified as Gen Mwami Laban, Cindy has not yet paid him since the mega concert. 

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“100k in this January is not little money. I worked and yes we need to be paid @IamCindySanyu with your management better do the needful. We want our money

#CindyPayOurMoney,” He tweeted. 

Another Twitter user calling himself  “The Omuge” says they have waited for so long but in vain.

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“It’s been a hell of a long wait, they say patience pays but @IamCindySanyu nedda nyabo it’s getting out of hand, 11 months now & nothing dropped in our accounts as promised? Sort us & we are friends again. #CindyPayOurMoney,” The Omuge ranted. 

Other influencers have termed Cindy selfish saying that if her concert was successful as she claimed why doesn’t she want to pay those who contributed to its success. 

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It shall be noted that on 7th March 2020, the self-proclaimed “King herself” shocked many after shutting down Lugogo cricket during her much her Boom Party music concert.  Will Cindy pay them? Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.