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Anatalia Oze and Sherry Matovu burry hate

Last month, Sherry Matovu was spitting venom attacking NBS television presenter Nambooze Annet aka Anatalia Oze who repeatedly said that she (Matovu) has dark knuckles as a result of bleaching. 

The singer trolled Anatalia in a live Facebook video where she mentioned that the TV star is too poor for a TV job.

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A day later, Sherry was invited to the UNCUT show to discuss bleaching in the entertainment industry. She since went mute about her hatred for Anatalia.

Matovu posted pictures of herself posing with Anatalia during singer Kabako’s introduction in Mpigi.  She has captioned the pictures saying her relationship with the Oze is good. 

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“There is no limit to what as we women can do when we get together. She is my OG and we doing Ok (mashallah) Love you Oze,” Sharry she posted.