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Daxx Kartel addresses break up romours, sends an open letter to wife Momo 19 (Screenshot)

For the past few days, rumours have been spreading allover the internet that singer Daxx Kartel real name Sulaiman Ssebunya separated with wife Moureen Naluwooza alias Momo 19. 

This was triggered by their silence on social media where they had ceased to post pictures and videos of themselves together. 

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However Momo later came out and trashed the rumours saying that her husband loves her too much and has no time to think about break up. 

Now Daxx has also confessed that he is still in love with his wife after he praised her on Facebook while celebrating her birthday. 

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“Happy birthday my love, my wife my one and only @momi19.n mummy Shukie, Every man deserves a fighting steel lady, mine is here she is a Titan,” The singer posted.

After years of chewing each other in the darkness, Dax and Momo decided to make it official in a Nikka ceremony that took place on December ,20, 2020 at Kibuli mosque.

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Happy birthday Momo 19.

Source: Boom.ug