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Zahara Totto’s ex-sumbie chewer cries out for help after losing a TV job

EX-Zahara Totto's Sumbie Chewer cries out for help after losing TV job

Today March 31, 2021, is the last day the “Kigunda” show host Luzze Anderson also alleged Zahara Totto’s former better half will be appearing on Record TV after the company decided to close due to unknown reasons. 

Now the show host has cried out to his fans for support begging them to subscribe to his YouTube channel since it is the only way he can earn a living now. 

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Through his YouTube Community tab, he posted he was hosting his last show on TV.

“I’m doing my last show on TV today from 4pm as long as you in an entertainment world just show up “Tukigale official”. We will be keeping it here bambi subscribe Bambi, I just lost a job coz our TV just closed forever but if you subscribe you’re going to get the whole true story about what really happened,” – He posted.

Anderson joined Record TV in July 2017 after quitting WBS over misunderstandings with management. 
His “Kigunda” show has been airing from Monday to Friday starting from 4pm-6pm. 

Record TV asked all its employees to resign before March 31, 2021. Today will be their last day to work with the station.

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Exclusive: Record TV forces all employees to resign