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VIDEO: Bruno K reveals he nearly committed suicide after Ykee Benda chewed his girlfriend’s sumbie to pulp

Singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has shown his disappointment in his fellow singer Ykee Benda who snatched his girlfriend of six years and reacted arrogantly after getting caught red-handed chewing her sumbie.

During an interview with the famous You Tuber Ibra K Mukasa, Bruno revealed he was so hurt and all he could think of was suicide.

“I found them at silk liquid and Ykee showed me bad manners. I was with that girl for six years and Ykee had known her for only one week. I found them standing together and I called the girl to ask her about something. She took my sister somewhere and something happened to her so that’s what I wanted to ask her. So Ykee came and pushed me that I should leave his girlfriend. I wanted to beat him but he was drunk…  I thought of committing suicide because of my ex,” Angry Bruno narrated. 

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He explains further that he didn’t expect Ykee to betray him.

“I used to respect Ykee, we were friends and I really loved his art but he changed. He did something could not believe it was him. I now just see him,” He said. 

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Additionally, the “Omuwala” singer also stressed that Ykee and his ex-girlfriend did not even spend a month together. So he advises men not to end their friendships because of women. 

The singer says that by the time he sang his hit song “Ebisaanyi” he was going through stress which made him lose so much weight. He attributes his healing to singer Apass who advised him to concentrate on his career. 

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Watch the video below;