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Home Entertainment SHOCKING AUDIO: Bajjo cries like a baby while apologising to NUP’s Bobi...

SHOCKING AUDIO: Bajjo cries like a baby while apologising to NUP’s Bobi Wine

SHOCKING AUDIO: Bajjo cries like a baby while apologising to NUP's Bobi Wine

Bajjo says Museveni used and dumped him!

Motormouthed events promoter Bajjo Events alias clear Process has shocked netizens when he cried like a baby in audio where he was apologising to National Unity Platform (NUP)’s former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine for betraying him and siding with his rival National Resistance Movement (NRM). 

“I regret, I’m Mukasa, you are Kyagulanyi. Forgive me. It is Mukasa apologising, forgive him. I didn’t know you were on the course of Buganda…. I’m not apologising because you refused to give me a card for Nakawa but Kayemba Solo told me not to put up posters, that’s what annoyed me. Museveni has never bribed me. Museveni has never given me any money. What angered me was Kayemba telling me not to put Posters for Nakawa that Joel Ssenyonyi and Kakande were still discussing. I was like how do you disrespect me to that level. I remember all the things you told me, you told me that these men don’t know you, these men call us condoms, they don’t know that the us who they call condoms are the ones keeping them in power,” Bajjo speaks out.

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Bajjo says he has come to understand that because of the disunity in Buganda created by people like him, their Kingdom has failed to develop hence apologising to Bobi and the Kingdom at large while pledging support towards the development of his kingdom. 

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“I am not going to make any other statement to insult or disrespect you because you are Kyagulanyi and Mukasa, the misery paining Baganda is the same, now I have understood that the things you were fighting for and I was the one blocking them, I won’t block you anymore and I won’t stand in your way anymore, now I’m going to work with you. I won’t come to Magere to apologise,” He says. 

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Bajjo explains further that there is tribalism in the Ugandan government where certain tribes are favoured over others. He says that the Baganda are still not favoured.

“Eno government Elina abana nebyana, Elina abasitula ebisawo.” says Bajjo.

He has promised to team up with other frustrated Ugandans to fight tribalism by fasting and praying.

Listen to the audio here