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Home Entertainment Always Support your children – Frank Gashumba tells fellow parents

Always Support your children – Frank Gashumba tells fellow parents

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Political, social, and economic critic Frank Gashumba has advised fellow parents to always support their children no matter what they do.

Frank Gashumba has been a single father for a long time but he has sacrificed so much to give his daughter Sheila Gashumba the best life.

He introduced her to work at a very young age and ever since then, he has been behind Sheila Gashumba’s work in everything.

Even when Sheilah Gashumba wasn’t doing fine, Frank Gashumba always defended her on social media and promised to keep pushing her to do better.

Apparently, Sheila Gashumba is working at night clubs and Frank Gashumba not being a bar person has nothing to do but rather support her.

In an interview with local television, Frank Gashumba said parents should support their children’s dreams and passions even when they don’t like it and it will work for them.

“As parents, it is our responsibility to, not only provide but also to support our little ones’ dreams, passions and initiatives regardless of what you think or feel about them. I am not a bar person but for my little girl, I will go anywhere,” Frank Gashumba said