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Dark hearted Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga to invest over 300M in daughter’s introduction as employees feed on nails after 4 unpaid months

Dark hearted Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga to invest over 300M in daughter's introduction as employees feed on nails after 4 unpaid months

Reports coming onto Boom Uganda news desk confirm that Pastor Jackson Senyonga, the founder of Christian Life Church Makerere, Kavule in Kampala invested millions into his daughter’s introduction and wedding.

According to our trusted sources, Senyonga’s daughter Jackie on Saturday, July 30, 2022, introduced his beloved husband identified as Aron to her parents, and the wedding is happening today Saturday, August 6, 2022, and is currently being televised live on TOP TV.

Boom Uganda understands that Senyonga is directly involved in her daughter’s functions and he is spending millions to make the anticipated lavish ceremony successful.

Inside sources revealed to us that being a public figure and a man of showbiz, Pastor Senyonga invests a lot of money in his children’s ceremonies to have them lavish despite having low-key in-laws.

TOP TV, RADIO employees drag boss Pastor Senyonga to court

However, Jackie Senyonga will never live peaceful matrimony since she is going into her marriage with curses from her father’s Top Media Consortium employees.

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As Pastor Senyonga invests millions in Jackie’s functions, his employees are feeding on soil and their nails after spending over four months without salary pay.

Reliable sources from different Top Media stations; Top TV, Top Radio, Gold FM, Mubende FM, R FM, Rhino FM, and Top Masaka among others have revealed to BOOM.UG snoops that for over a year, they have not been earning their full salaries. Sources further revealed that when ‘evil’  hearted Senyonga decides to pay, he pays a little amount of the four months’ arrears.

“The truth is, we don’t remember when that evil-hearted guy last paid our full salaries. He spends 4 months without paying us. When he pays, he deposits mbu 80%. That money he pays covers only a month. Then he spends more than 4 months without paying us. When he pays, we only receive one month’s salary. Can really a man of God treats his employees like that? I pity people who go to his church!” Source.

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The angry employees added that their boss pays a little amount of four months arrears and again deducts UGX1,000 that he claims is for charges.

“That guy is funny if not a real devil, guess what, he spends four months without paying us and when he pays 80% of one month of four, he still deducts UGX1,000 claiming it’s for charges. Senyonga has a dark heart for sure!” Source added.

It is on record that; this is not the first time that Senyonga has ‘intentionally’ refused to pay his employees’ salary arrears as he prioritises his children’s ceremonies.

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Last year, the proclaimed man of God refused to pay his employees as he chose to invest 100% into his son Joshua Senyonga’s mega introduction and wedding ceremony. (Read Story Here).

Despite the fact that on several occasions Senyonga managed to manipulate his employees, this time things might go wrong for him. According to sources at Top Media, employees are coordinating fellows to put down the tools unless they get paid to nil.

These employees are according to inside sources also planning to submit the letter to Betty Amongi, Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, and to the honourable Speaker of Parliament expressing a grievance against the continued poor habit of pay at Top media.

Our snoops are on the ground. Keep it BOOM.UG we will keep you posted.