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“Stop deciding before researching on issues” NUP’s Mr. Mosh roasts gov’t for banning artistes from performing in schools

Former artiste and media personality turned politician Mr. Mosh is bitter with the government over banning artistes from performing in schools.

Artists were banned on 1st August 2022 after one of the artistes went to perform at a certain school indecently dressed and dancing erotically in front of students.

According to Mr. Mosh who dealt with performances in schools for more than 15 years, it was a small mistake of an artiste’s dress code at a school which even happened once in all these years.

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Mosh said the government doesn’t know how artistes positively impact students at school teaching them how to behave and how to develop their talents because there are no jobs.

He added that government needs to do more research and know how much artistes add to students and that will give them a way of reaction because banning artistes is not a solution because students are already exposed.

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“The government of Uganda has overreacted by banning artists because of a small mistake that has even happened once. I was in schools for more than 15 years and I can tell you how artists positively impacted students to develop their talents. Government should rethink and do more research,” Mr. Mosh said.

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