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Home Entertainment Isma Olaxess bashes Weasel’s parents for supporting his senseless domestic violence acts

Isma Olaxess bashes Weasel’s parents for supporting his senseless domestic violence acts

Jose Chameleone’s wife Danielle continues exposing Weasel’s dark secrets (Screenshot)

Social media blogger and the president of all bloggers Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli has attacked singer Weasel Manizo’s family for supporting his bad deeds and domestic violence.

Weasel has a bad history of fighting but this time around, it has gone too far after he took fighting to his wife and children

Last year, Weasel beat up one of his workers and ran into hiding leaving his mother and brothers to take care of his actions and that helped him run away from the police.

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Earlier this week, Weasel allegedly turned his wife Sandra Ateta into a fighting bag. However, when the photos leaked on social media he said that Sandra was attacked by thugs.

A day after, Jose Chameleone went out with Sandra Teta showing she is very happy. However, Jose’s wife Danielle told him to stop covering up for Weasel because Sandra is going through a lot and even her front tooth was broken by Weasel.

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It’s against the background that blogger Isma has attacked Mayanja Family saying there is a reason why they keep covering up for him.

Isma said Weasel might have grown up in a family that was full of domestic violence and that’s why his parents don’t even question his behaviour.

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“For sure I blame Weasel’s parents and family members for his domestic violence. The way they are covering up for him it looks like that’s how they grew and it is normal for them. But I want to tell Weasel that beating a woman in this generation is barbaric, primitive and unheard of,” Isma Olaxess said.