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Sheebah needs to apologise to parents & gov’t for her arrogant response upon caution on her dress code – Critic

Sheebah Karungi

Comedian Dr. T Amale is bitter with Sheebah Karungi over how she responded in an interview when she was asked about her dressing code while performing in schools.

Sheebah was interviewed by the media when a video of her dressed in a skimpy dress erotically dancing in front of students made rounds on social media.

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During an interview, Sheebah said she is an artiste and she dresses the way she wants. She added that she can’t change her dressing code if parents think she is the one supposed to teach their children how to behave and dress.

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Even when the Ministry of Education banned artistes from performing in schools, they indicated the video of Sheebah in the statement saying it was inappropriate.

According to Dr. T Amale, everything should be blamed on Sheebah and as an artiste she needs to come to the public and apologise for the statements she made.

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“Please Sheebah need to come to the media and apologize to the parents and the Government for responding arrogantly when cautioned about her dress code because artists were banned because of you and you know that,” Dr. T Amale.

Over to you Sheebah!