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“Stop blaming artistes for your Children’s rotten morals, blame it on yourselves,” Radio star Selector Williams stings parents & gov’t

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Entertainment critic and radio presenter Selector Williams has attacked the government and parents blaming artistes for the bad behavior of their children.

For a long time, artistes in general celebrities are role models to young people. They are inspiring in that you find a young person trying to mimic the whole life style and artiste dressing codes.

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When the Ministry of Education banned artistes from performing in schools because of their dress code, it left many with mixed reactions about it.

Some supported the government while others said they were not right because students don’t learn bad manners from singers they learn them from their homes, especially from their parents.

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Selector Williams said Ministry should think deeply because the video that made rounds on social media about students having sex in a school bus, Sheebah wasn’t the driver nor was she the conductor for them to misbehave.

“Please parents don’t blame artists for the bad behavior of your children in schools. These children get all the bad manners from you at your home so give us peace and stop blaming no one. Was Sheebah the driver or conductor of the School bus where students were having sex? Ohh please just blame yourselves artists have nothing to do with your children. The government too should think about that,” Selector Williams said.

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