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Rickman openly blasts Minister Dr. Jane Egau Okou over ban on artistes from performing in schools

Singer Rickman Manrick is bitter with the Minister of Ministry of Education and Sports, Dr. Jane Egau Okuo for banning artistes from performing in schools.

The statement banning artistes was released on Monday night. (Read Story Here)

According to the statement, artistes were banned from performing in schools because of their poor dressing code while at schools.

It all started when Sheebah’s video dirty dancing during a performance at a certain school went viral on social media on July 11, 2022.

However, the news of banning artistes from performing in schools didn’t treat everyone the same. According to Rickman, all artistes don’t dress the same.

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Rickman says it would have been better if Dr. Jane Egau was more specific on artistes who dress indecently.

Here is Rickman Manrick full statement.

“Dear Dr Jane Egau Okou
I have performed at schools fully clothed well dressed and had decent performances. If you are addressing a certain artist or group of artists please be more specific and direct. There are many artists who don’t fall in the category and picture you are trying to portray about artists which is all summarized by a video of one or two artists and with your understanding and knowledge that’s the foundation for you to rob youths in schools of a get away from all the stress and pressure and anxiety that comes with daily school routines. We have also been in school before and maybe in your time you didn’t get opportunities to watch your favorite artists perform at school but we do know how it feels and what it means for the youth in schools because we have been in the same Space before. Most artists talk to these youths after or before performing encouraging them and motivating them to stay in school etcetera.

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“The youths who now have had opportunities of having their favorite artists performing at school during the day will then have to jump fences in the night to go to nearby nightclubs and bars to see artists perform. The problem with Ugandans or Africans in general we approach a problem with no alternative solutions but rather sentimental solutions that come off our self centeredness and entitlement to authority and power. Dr. Jane, next time overlook your immediate reactions and dig deeper for better solutions when dealing with issues concerning entertainment and the youth.
Yours sincerely
This generation,” Rickman posted

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