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Singer Naila Ali bashes hungry Ugandan Musicians for pulling the industry backwards

Singer Naira Ali is not happy with how Ugandan artistes are behaving in this music industry, as far as booking shows and performing is concerned.

Ever since COVID-19 hit the whole world, the entertainment industry was hit hard because it was one of the last sectors to be reopened.

Artistes suffered from poverty as they were unable to perform or make any money anywhere. After Lockdown, artistes were very desperate in that they would perform anywhere to get money and recover from the crisis.

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According to Naira Ali, now performing everywhere has become a habit which is taking the music industry backwards.

Naira Ali said no one can pay a lot of money to watch an artist who is always performing at every event and is running from bar to bar where everyone can access them.

Naira Ali said the law of Scarcity creating demand is still applicable in the music industry.

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“By the way, the “Law Of Scarcity Creating Demand” is still much applicable in this industry.
There’s no way as an artist you’re going to convince anyone or any corporate company to pay you big money for your concert regardless of how many hit songs you have as long as you’re still running from one bar to another, making appearances on every tv, common people easily know where to find you, you’re always performing on every ka show around town, you’re literally found everywhere at any point of time.

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“Sometimes we fans want some mystery from our “STARS”.
I mean what would be so cool about you to make me pay 100,000 shillings for your concert if we hang in the same bar every night and you’re always singing your songs there!” Naira Ali posted.