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Madrat and Chiko apologises to Muslims on behalf of Mariachi

Talented Comedian duo Madrat and Chiko have added their voice to that of Mariachi to apologize to the Muslim fraternity.

Few days ago Mariachi was warned and asked to apologize to Muslims for the jokes he made about them as a religion while performing at the Comedy store.

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In the joke, Mariachi had said he wants to change to Islam because they are cheap, men waste money shaving their beards, women don’t plait hair and they don’t waste money to buy the sound system for the mosque.

When Mariachi was asked to publically apologize to Muslims he made a Facebook live and aplogized.

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As fellow comedians, Madrat and Chiko also added their voices and apologized to Muslims as well on behalf of Mariachi and the comedy industry.

“As comedians, we want to apologize to Muslims on behalf of Mariachi. This time it was Mariachi who made a joke that has gone wrong but next time it may be us. We are all humans and we make mistakes please forgive Mariachi. We love everyone Muslims or Christians,” Madrat and Chiko said.

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