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Home Entertainment “Grenade converted to Islam to marry me” Singer’s Ex-girlfriend spills secrets

“Grenade converted to Islam to marry me” Singer’s Ex-girlfriend spills secrets

Singer Grenade wanted by Police for threatening sugar mummy who threw him out of her house

Singer Grenade Official real name Ndugwa Deus’ bitter war with his ex-girlfriend Kirooto is far from an end.

The singer was secretly bonking Kirooto for a year and a few months, however, in May the couple bitterly broke up leavig the internet awash by their secrets.

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The ‘Nkuloga’ hitmaker was arrested for allegedly practicing witchcraft on his ex-suger mummy and now more charges of theft are placed against his name.

Despite all the allegations, Grenade’s ex continued to prove a point saying their relationship had gone far to the extent of Grenade turning from Christianity to Islam.

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Kirooto revealed that the reason why Grenade became a Muslim was mainly because he wanted to marry since she is a Muslim.

“Grenade became a Muslim because he wanted to marry me. For us, in our family, we are staunch Muslims and we must get married to men who are Muslims,” Grenade’s Ex Kirooto.

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Despite his ex-sugar mammy’s claims, Grenade is yet to open up about this matter.