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Cindy’s blood friend Leila Kayondo rallies behind King Saha for UMA presidency

The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) are still struggling to find funds to finance their upcoming elections.

However, despite the fact that the election date has been postponed on two occasions, the pressure and anticipations are still on between the candidates and the fans.

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As the candidates are waiting for UMA to reveal the new date for the elections, singer Leila Kayondo who is known to be one of Cindy Sanyu’s close pals has revealed that she will not vote for her. She uncovered that she is team King Saha.

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“I’ve been friends with Cindy Sanyu for a long time but I’m team King Saha when it comes to Uganda Musicians Association. This is not about friendship, it is about someone who is ready to serve,” Leila Kayondo.

The incumbent Cindy is in close competition with R&B singer King Saha and each other’s camp believes they will take the victory.

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Who will take it? Will keep you posted.