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“You won’t survive this,” Judith Heard vows to sue Bad Black over defamation

Judith Heard vows to sue Bad Black over defamation. Over the weekend, Bad Black had an interview with YouTuber and media personality Ibrah K Mukasa.

In the interview, Bad Black was asked about sleeping with Nigerian star Mr. Flavor who came to Uganda in 2011 for a concert.

Bad Black quickly denied the allegations saying Mr. Flavor is not in one of her exes because by the time he came there were three ladies on him, Sylvia Awori, Judith Heard, and Bad Black herself.

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However, Bad Black said chances are many that Judith Heard got a chance to sleep with him because she is the one who was closer.

Judith Heard went bitter upon hearing the allegations calling out Bad Black to better have proof of whatever she said because she is tired of people lying about her.

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Judith Heard said she is doing everything to better the life of her children and she doesn’t want anyone to interfere by spleeding false accusations about her.

“Wabula munsize evu. Nze Judith Heard? This is the first time am gonna do this. Over my children’s life I have never had anything to do with the name mentioned in this video. Please enough of trashing my name I beg of everyone please please, please.

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These stories I have let pass in the past and I don’t want to go deep into everything. Let’s not say anything without evidence cause I am working so hard to live a different life today and I would be very happy if no one brings my name up again in anything they don’t have proof of. Am about to sue for defamation of character here,” Judith Heard said.