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Shameless Spark TV’s Precious Remmie funded her own introduction ceremony, it will end in tears – Peng Peng

Notorious social media blogger Peng Peng has attacked media personality Precious Remmie for funding her own introduction ceremony.

Precious Remmie introduced her husband Bindeeba Raymond to her parents last weekend in a beautiful ceremony.

But as a celebrity, so many words are always said by the public of which some are true and others are false.

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According to Peng Peng, Precious Remmie feared being like these other women in the industry who are always in relationships of hiding their men because they are not officially married.

Peng Peng added that Precious Remmie and Bindeeba’s relationship will not last for long because Remmie is the man of the house with money.

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“I heard that Precious Remmie introduced Bindeeba on Friday… I am telling you it is going to end in tears even if it goes for six years. Precious Remmie funded her own introduction ceremony because Bindeeba has no money and now she will be the man of the house. Just watch the space,” Peng Peng said in a Facebook live.

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