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Home Entertainment Uncertainty as UMA elections are postponed indefinitely

Uncertainty as UMA elections are postponed indefinitely

The Uganda Musicians Association has postponed the elections which were already ongoing due to the complaints from the members.

UMA Elections: Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections have been postponed again until further notice. The association electoral commission confirmed.

At first, UMA held online voting on the 6th June 2022, but the voting was contested by one of the presidential candidates, King Saha after he stormed the tally center with his lawyers, saying the voting had to be halted because it was being characterised by massive technical rigging.

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The voting was subsequently put on hold.

UMA board members sat down and decided to change the voting methods from online to ballot ticking and set the date which was 28th June 2022 but still more complaints came in.

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Voting was only to be held in Kampala at the expense of other artistes from outside Kampala. The artistes from up country didn’t agree, citing unfairness.