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Vinka speaks out on nasty war with Azawi as beef threatens to tear Swangz Avenue apart

It is a question of who is a bigger star, with both egos coming out top at Uganda’s biggest music label, Swangz Avenue. Two of the label’s biggest stars are tearing at each other, and it’s not good news.

Star singer Luggya Veronica alias Vinka has distanced herself from beefing follow artiste Azawi, much to the disagreement of many in the music industry.

Azawi was signed to Swangz Avenue in 2019, when Winnie Nwagi and Vinka were the only established stars under the label.

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However, when Azawi was signed, she was reportedly given preferential treatment by the label, gaining more attention, releasing an album and more songs than Winnie Nwagi and Vinka combined!

Rumour started spilling over on social media that Vinka and Winnie Nwagi don’t like Azawi because she is invading their space and taking away their attention.

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In an interview with a local television, however, Vinka trashed the rumors saying at Swangz Avenue they are sisters who love and support each other.

“Me and Azawi are on good terms I don’t know where people get all this they say that we are beefing. At swangz Avenue we are sisters, we support each other and that’s all we have. No time for hatred,” Vinka asserted.

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Whether this was the truth or an honest PR lie remains to be seen. It should be remembered that several female singers have broken ties with Swangz Avenue before due to internal competition. Irene Ntale quit when Winnie Nwagi took her place as the label’s biggest star.

Are we seeing a repeat? With the space!