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Top Tips: Here is how to make a woman obsess over you

Have you ever tried to date a woman and she is acting like she is not interested in you. 

You confess your love to her and she gives you no reply? You call her and she doesn’t pick up your calls? 

Worry no more. Today i will share with you a few tips that you can use to make that woman obsess over you.

1. She should invest in you

In our society, men are supposed to be providers and women just need to look good. That is the perception of our society. So men are supposed to take care of the bills. 

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And most men have fallen into this trap of the society. 

When they go out on a date with a woman, they buy drinks for the woman, pay for her transport and some men even buy clothes for these women to wear while on a date.

But how do these women respond in return to their generosity? Some ignore them. Why? 

Because these women are not investing anything into the relationship. So what should they do? These men should make women invest in them.

For example if you have been invited to a party and you want to go along with a woman whom you are interested in, tell her to bring with her a bottle of wine and also pay for her transport to the venue.

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 When you do that, she will be thinking that this party you have invited her to should be a good one. She will take your relationship seriously and be thinking about you. 

Most men think she will dump you when you ask her to foot the bills, but she will not. 

If she dumps you because you asked her to foot the bills, then she is not good for you. She is a gold digger. 

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2.  Be mysterious

You are in love with this woman and you are always around her, how do you then expect her to miss you and even wish that you were with her?

 When you are always around her, she will get bored with you.

 You need to take care of yourself, do the things you love, work on that project you have always wanted to do. start that business. 

 She will miss you and wonder if you truly like her. She will start calling you back. Most men don’t do that. Try these and Good luck.