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Home Entertainment Leila Kayondo shots herself as he denies ever b0nking with SK Mbuga

Leila Kayondo shots herself as he denies ever b0nking with SK Mbuga

I swear you'll never bonk me again,

Struggling singer Leila Kayondo is still bitter with alleged hubby and city tycoon SK Mbuga.

The two are said to have dated for so many years and after their broke up, SK Mbuga immediately wedded his current wife Vivian which left Leila with a bleeding heart.

Lately, Leile Kayondo posted exposing SK Mbuga telling him to stop going at her apartment yet he is married.

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In an interview with a local television, Leila Kayondo said the two have never shared a bed as it is alleged, she claimed they were just business partners.

Leila Kayondo said she is seeing someone at the moment and soon she will invite people if things go so well.

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“I have never slept with SK Mbuga, you people just say so many words that I don’t even know about. We were childhood friends and business partners that’s where our friendship was dwelling,” Leila Kayondo said.

However, Leila shot herself in the head since her statement is a contradiction to the previous statements about her relationship with SK Mbuga.

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She previous accept feeding her bean to the city tycoon but their bonking ended in years over alleged unfaithfulness between them.

Will keep you posted.