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Rema Namakula accused of ‘copy & paste’ of Banina’s ‘Like I do’, facts emerge

Ray Signature speaks about the copy and paste of Banina’s ‘Like I do’ song and Rema’s ‘wandiisaki’

Song writer and blogger Ray Signature has clarified on the alleged copy and paste in Banina Chris and Rema Namakula’s songs.

Like I do’ of The Baninas was released in late 2018 and became a hit in 2019. Three years later, Rema Namukala also released a song titled ‘Wandiisaki’ sounding exactly like ‘Like I do’ with the same flow of words and sound.

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The song has been criticized by many music analysts questioning why a multi talented singer like Rema could choose a copy and paste of a budding star’s tune. However, it was later understood that the problem came from the song writer, Ray Signature.

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However while defending himself, Ray Signature clarified that there is no problem of songs sounding the same after all they have a difference of some years.

Wandiisaki” Song writer Rey Signature says that there is no problem if the songs look alike provided no one stole the other person’s song.

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“People need to know “like I do” and “wandiisa ki” were written in different seasons. They have a time difference of over 10 years,” Rey Signature said.

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