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Home Entertainment Ziza Bafana breaks silence on beating to pulp TikToker Yiga

Ziza Bafana breaks silence on beating to pulp TikToker Yiga

Self proclaimed ‘Katonda wa Raggae’ Ziza Bafana has denied beating up abusive Tiktoker Yiga to pulp.

Yiga is always abusing celebrities including Ziza Bafana on TikTok but this week didn’t go well for him.

He was severely beaten up all over his face by Bafana and the boys he moves with.

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However, Bafana came out and denied beating him saying he wasn’t even around by that time but he applauded the boys that beat him up because he was worth being disciplined.

“I didn’t beat that TikToker but my boys did. He has been abusing me for some time and I hadn’t got hold of him. Boys like him deserve to be disciplined because of we don’t our generation will be rotten. Even other abusive boys will be punished am sure,” Ziza Bafana said.

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Yiga is the second TikToker in a space of 3 weeks to face it hot for abusing celebrities after Dr. Cephco who was arrest on orders of presidential advisor Full Figure.