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“Let Cindy lead you until you get enough money for elections,” Balaam Barugahala boasts UMA


Events promoter Balaam Barugahala has boasted Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) on how to conduct their elections.

UMA was supposed to vote for new leaders on 6th June 2022 however as the voting was ongoing, everything was put on a hold because of alleged vote rigging.

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Elections are now scheduled to take place on 28th June 2022 but some artistes are already doubting saying they know they will not be free and fair.

According to Balaam, he doesn’t see reasons why UMA is in a rush to vote for new leaders yet they don’t have enough money to support their elections.

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Balaam advised UMA to keep their old president Cindy until to they get ready.

“UMA should leave the current president to continue leading the association until they have enough money to conduct a free and fair election,” Balaam said.

Cindy is competing with King Saha for the UMA big office.

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